Campaign Maintenance

The Campaign Maintenance offers you the possibility to maintain certain campaigns based on a certain filter criteria. The campaigns will be shown as a tile on the Result-List Page. 

Use the NWI Tools - Summary View to navigate to the this page (Campaigns Column).

The following image shows a maintained campaign and how it will be presented on the Result-List page. 

One campaign consists of the following parts

Element Description
Heading The heading text, which will be shown on top of the campaign tile.
Additional-Text An optional "additional-text" wich will be shown above the button.
Image The background image, which will be added to the campaign tile.
Button-Text The text of the button.
Button-Link The link, which will be opened if the users clicks on the button.
Filter Criteria

A certain filter criteria, which are based on the filters of the result-list page. 

  • "Always" or not selected: the campaign tile will always be shown
  • Stock Vehicles Filter: the campaign will only be shown if the stock vehicle filter is selected
  • Test Drive Filter: the campaign will only be shown if the test drive filter is selected
  • Online Sales Filter: the campaign will only be shown if the online sales filter is selected
  • Price Advantage Filter: the campaign will only be shown if the price advantage filter is selected
  • Not Online-Sales Filter: the campaign will always be visible, except the online sales filter is visible

(See also image below)

Status Based on publication and expiration date.
Action Object actions.
Move By using the arrows, the order can be changed. 

See how the different campaigns are related to there filter criteria

Campaign Slider

If there will be more than one campaign for a certain filter criteria, the user can slide threw all campaigns.