Header Slider

Use the NWI Tools - Summary View to navigate to the this page ("Header Slider" column).

Header Slider Overview

By clicking on a certain available teaser item in the "Contents" section, the item will be opened. 


Open and edit an existing item

The following list shows the base information of a teaser item 

  • Desktop Image (required) 
  • Mobile Image (optional - if no mobile image is set the desktop, image will be taken for mobile devices)
  • Alt Text (optional - the alternative text describes the image in words and is important for screen readers and search engines) 

Screenshot of the base information ("Default" tab)

Add a new Teaser item

On the header slider overview page click in in the left-hand side navigation on "Add new" -> "Teaser", as the screenshot shows below. 

See the "Open and edit an existing item" - section to see relevant teaser information. 

The newly created item now appears on the "Header Slider Overview"

and it's also shown that there is a new item in the "Header Slider" column of the "Summary View" 

Text Area Settings of certain "Teaser Item"

Setting Dates (publication and expiration dates)

Plone.org: Publication- /Expiration Dates 

Live preview with different mobile and desktop image