Image Cropping

Plone Cropping Enhancement  

The Cropping Editor is available for every content type (e.g. “Header Slider teaser”,  etc.) which is using an image upload. 

To enable image cropping we first need to select a content type with an existing image.  

In Example 

On selecting “at/seat/stockcars/carousel-container/teaser” (you can use the "NWI-Tools" Summery view, to navigate to an existing slider image) the  the admin panel will show a new menu item named “Simple Crop”. By clicking the menu item the “preview view” together with an “Open Editor” button will show up - as shown in screenshot.  

After clicking “Open Editor” the cropping editor will be loaded. 

The blue rectangle (cropping area) defines the borders of the new image. On top of the editor the new width and height will be shown. By clicking “Update Image” a warning message will appear, which says that the cropping action cannot be undone, so pay attention if the original image is not available (in some cases downloading the original image before cropping may be a good idea). 


By clicking “Update Image” the old image will be replaced with the cropped image and the view before the cropping editor will be loaded. 
After the replacement of the original image, it may takes some seconds to have the new image on the QA- or production system.

Multiple Images 

If one content type has more than one image field, the tabs are used to navigate through the fields.