Legal Texts

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Overview Page

The following table describes the highlighted elements in the above screenshot. 

Element Description
(1) position in stockcars app

This field is required and must be one of the available positions of "Available Positions"-table. The last section of this manual page also shows a live preview of the legal text in the stockcars application. The position must be written in the exact same way as the "Available Positions"-table shows, otherwise the legal text will not show up in the stockcars application.

Note: there can be more than one legal text per position. It's possible to have different texts for the same positions but with different contexts (see publishing/expiration dates, conditional texts)

(2) the legal text This field is required. The actual legal text which will be shown on the given position. An visual editor will be used to insert and format the text. See Plone Visual Editor (TinyMCE)

(3) status of the current legal text

Not all legal texts must show up immediately. Visit Publication- /Expiration Dates to see how publication/expiration dates work.

(4) available actions "Eye"-action: opens the legal text and shows all inserted values. "Pencil"-actions: opens the legal text in "edit"-mode to make text or other changes. 
(5) condition

In some special cases, it may be necessary to show a context related legal text. This certain legal text can be configured by using conditions.

Note:  conditions are very technical to handle and can't be configured in a humanly readable way, so it's maintained by technical specialists. 

Add Legal Text

For adding a "Legal Text" just click on the left side menu:

"Add new.." > "Legal Text"

and fill the following required information as the screenshot shows.  

Available Positions

The position must be written in the exact same way as this tables shows:

ID Position


The legal text on the home page footer (landing page) 

The legal text on the search page (car results)


The legal texts on the detail page. One for wltc cars and one for nedc cars.

With certain conditions. 


The legal text on the contact page footer.


The legal text on the contact page below the contact form.


The legal text on the contact page after the form is submitted.


Will be shown on the PDF (Print PDF Action - on the detail page of the car)

Publishing Dates for Legal Texts Publication- /Expiration Dates 

Legal texts by there position in Stockcars application