NWI Tools Structure

The structure of Plone NWI

The structure of "Plone NWI Tools" is divided into 4 layers

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4

The Plone landing page (entry point of plone) shows all available countries 


  • at
  • hu
  • sk
  • cz
  • ... 

Every country has a list of different brands 

Relevant ones: 

  • VW
  • LNF
  • AUDI
  • SKODA 
  • SEAT

Every brand has different tools. Currently, only the stockcars tool is relevant.The other tools are deprecated and will be deleted in future. 

See: NWI Overview page "Stockcars Overview Page"

Navigate through the structure/content

(alternatively use the NWI Overview page )

1) On Plone landing page scroll down to your country and select a certain brand. 

2) Select the stockcars tool (other tools are deprecated and will be removed).

3) Maintain your content as described in other manuals.