NWI Tools Summary View

What is the "Summary View"?

The summary view gives you an overview of the content (of your country and brands) which is already maintained with the CMS. You can easily see which objects are available and also the status of the different features. You can click here to open the summary View.

How to navigate there?

To navigate to the summary view, use the side navigation on the left to go there, as the screenshot shows below. 

What details are shown in the Summary View?

Description of the columns



On click (on the cell)

Application It shows your country and the available brands Opens the brand overview page (see Stockcars Overview Page capital below)


It shows how many legal texts are maintained
(FYI: some countries do not need legal texts) 
Opens the legal-text overview page, where you can see all maintained legal texts.
HeaderSlider It shows the current header images slides which are available in the app. There should be at least one item. Open the Header-Slider folder where all the teaser images are maintained

It shows the SEO information of your app with 3 different states


  • complete: html_title and html_description is inserted
  • incomplete: either html_title or html_description is inserted
  • unavailable: neither html_title nor html_description is inserted

Opens the SEO overview

Prelaunch It shows how many prelaunch vehicles are available Opens the prelaunch overview

Stockcars Overview Page

This overview page shows all relevant items which are created in the stockcars container, it's an alternative view to the "summary View" (see screenshot below). It also shows some additional items like the "Assets" folder, "Resources", etc. The "Stockcars Overview Page" can be opened by clicking the cells of the first column of the "summary View",

i.e. clicking on

  • AT / LNF  -> https://nwi-cms-prod.ext.ocp.porscheinformatik.cloud/Plone/at/lnf/stockcars
  • CZ / VW  -> https://nwi-cms-prod.ext.ocp.porscheinformatik.cloud/Plone/cz/vw/stockcars
  • HU / SEAT  -> https://nwi-cms-prod.ext.ocp.porscheinformatik.cloud/Plone/hu/seat/stockcars
  • ... 

The following screenshot shows the "Sockcars Overview Page"