Resource Maintenance

Important Information 

Not every country has a "Resources" element. Only countries which need to provide additional files for a certain context do have these maintenance. 
The following table shows the resources which are maintainable at the moment. 

Resource Title Description
Online Sales Legal PDF Only for countries wich have the Online-Sales/Online-Check-Out feature enabled.

Navigate to Resource Maintenance 

Use the NWI Tools - Summary View  (first column) to navigate to the this page by click on the "Resources" element the Resource Overview will be opened.

Resources Overview

The "Resources Overview" shows all available resources which can be maintained. 

Edit Current Resources

By clicking on the "Edit" action on the left sidebar navigation, the "Edit Resources" dialog will be opened. It is now possible to add or edit the resources. Be carefully  when uploading a new file. Consider uploading only the file format which is described in the field, i.e. you should only upload a "PDF" file for the "Online Sales Legal PDF" field.